The pages about my childhood were created to let others know how the coal miners and their families lived in the Appalachian Mountains during the depression. Our family was just one of thousands scattered up and down every hollow in the Kentucky mountains. I not only wanted to tell about my childhood, but I wanted to make the pages entertaining. Even though we lived through desperate times, we had some advantages by living in the mountains that one  did not have in a city.  We had the sunrises and sunsets over the mountain tops, the cool breeze in the evening that swoped down from the mountain top to the valley below, the chirping of the crickets at night, the crowing of the roosters in the morning, and a place to have a garden where you can pick a great big red-ripe tomato and sink your teeth  into.



This page was created to bring back memories of the days of yesteryears. How many of us went to our local theaters on a Saturday and fought over the front row seats to be as near to our heros as possible? How much popcorn was spilled on the floor because we could not take our eyes off the screen long enough to get a handful from the bag? When you are sitting on your couch clicking from one show to another, take a moment to think; "Would you trade these memories for anything today"? I think not!

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texritter.jpg (49443 bytes) royrogers.jpeg (45077 bytes)
Do not forsake me O My Darling


Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Happy trails to you until  we meet again
fuzzyjones.jpg (35858 bytes) gabbyhayes.jpg (30039 bytes)
Al "Fuzzy " St. John


George "Gabby" Hayes
"Yer durn tootin"
hopalongcassidy.jpg (33894 bytes) geneautry.jpg (25613 bytes)
William "Hopalong" Cassidy


Gene Autry
tadpole.jpg (21557 bytes) smileyburnette.jpg (32369 bytes)
Joe "Tadpole" Strauch
Lester "Smiley" "Frog" Burnette
lamp.jpg (35168 bytes) jug.jpg (3163 bytes)
Gone with the Wind Lamp Moonshiners' Jug


Do you remember these?


antiquephone.jpeg (63745 bytes)

Oak crank wall phone



victor.jpg (34898 bytes)

Upright Crank phonograph


Floor model Zenith Radio


carbidelamp.jpg (13975 bytes)
Carbide lantern, Donald Givens collection


stclock.jpg (28718 bytes)
Crank wall clock
Daffy Duck. Porky Pig, from a publicity drawing.
Daffy Duck
America's favorite duck


"Ttthatts all Fffolks"
Our favorite pig
Bugs Bunny 36 - Elmer Fudd - Car wileycoyote.jpg (12259 bytes)
America's all time favorite Rabbit
Bugs Bunny


Wiley E. Coyote
What a pathetic loser
captainamerica.jpg (27304 bytes)
The Hero of the Forties


The   Battling Duo
What  a pair

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