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Miss Lela G. McConnell


She brought to the  Kentucky Mountains a determination to do what God had called her to do.

The people who came with her shared her vision and were dedicated to her goals.

When the local people met her and understood who she was, they gave land and manpower to her cause.

From their hard work, Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute was built on the hillsides of the Kentucky River at Lawson and Vancleve.

She was a kind and gentle woman who loved  the people in the mountains and the people loved her.

This page is dedicated to her.

Robert Cundiff supplied the photographs.

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Dr. Lela G. McConnell

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Martha Archer,  KMBI Vice-President

feltner74.jpg (12933 bytes)

Raymond Swauger,  Vice-president, KMHA


mc1.jpg (7909 bytes)

Mary Swauger. Mt. Carmel  Secretary

reed.jpg (367334 bytes)

Miss Elma Reed

swaurtwout.jpg (205027 bytes)

Miss Mary Swartwout

feltner4.jpg (15225 bytes)

Miss Genelle Day

feltner20.jpg (186373 bytes)

Eldon and Agnes Neihof,  Class of 1953




feltner25.jpg (244427 bytes)

Bessie and Karl Paulo

feltner24.jpg (199128 bytes)

Doris and Verdon Higgins

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francis2.jpg (65216 bytes)

Edith Lockard and Mrs. Mary Swauger take a quick break for a photo opt while traveling over one of Kentucky's back roads
Robert Cundiff was saved and sanctified in 1951 while Miss Lockard was preaching.

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Mr. Swauger had an ingenious way of carrying goods across the river. This is his cable car. It sure beats toting everything on one's back.

francis5.jpg (43185 bytes)

Seeing this picture of the old bridge reminded me all of the times that I packed a load of feed over it while it was swinging from side to side and when there was a flood, I watched huge trees narrowly passing below.

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francis4.jpg (10870 bytes)

The new swinging bridge was constructed in 1950.

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feltner2.jpg (145710 bytes)

Asbury College people dedicating their summer to work at Mt. Carmel in the 1920's

feltner9.jpg (101231 bytes)

Rev. Wilfred Fisher
WMTC Radio Station

Feltner pics 007.jpg (1022907 bytes)

Seldon Short is busy showing his disc jockey skills at WMTC  in the 1950's.

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Dr. Henry Clay Morrison
President Asbury College

feltner22.jpg (152918 bytes)

Green Lawson  was the first to donate land for the school.
Note his shot gun and powder horn

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Dr. Karl Paulo,  Mt. Carmel

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Martha Asher
Lawson, Ky.
Her presence breathes faith, assurance, and gentleness. Quick to feel for the unfortunate, she will give and forget the gift.



Senior Class
Asbury College

Feltner pics 008.jpg (1304284 bytes)

These  Pictures were copied from Page 66
of the Asbury  College Yearbook.

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Raymond Swauger
Lawson, Ky.
Dependable and obliging is our campus policeman, Ray.  Though strict in the discharge of duty, he is kind and gentle of heart. His consecrated life is a rebuke to error.



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Bible School, Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute, 1931

feltner10.jpg (56164 bytes)

Day after the disastrous 1939 Flood that destroyed the Bible School

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After a hard day's work building Mt. Carmel,  Mr. Swauger and  students from Asbury, deserve a little relaxation.


feltner13.jpg (165979 bytes)

Standing tall on the mountain is the beginning of Mt. Carmel. This is the administration building in 1925


feltner14.jpg (10361 bytes)

With Offut Lawson and his wagon team,  Mr. Swauger and Mr. Townley are building the boys' dorm in 1925.

Feltner pics 015.jpg (469058 bytes)

Brush Arbor Camp Meeting near Mt. Carmel and the Kentucky River with Dr. Morrison conducting the service

francis3.jpg (57927 bytes)

Unknown driver bulldozing the basement for the new dining room and girls dormitory. He taught Paul Major how to operate the dozer and Paul finished the work. The building in the back housed the wood planer that I used to plane all the wood, 1946


Feltner pics 072.jpg (318365 bytes)

The first floor; the litlle helper on the right is me


feltner18.jpg (383250 bytes)

New Dining Hall and Girls  Dormitory
being built in 1946
As best as I can remember, there were seven of us who built this. Mr. Swauger, Paul Major, Mr. Richards, another gentleman, a boy from West Liberty, and me.  I used to jump from the second floor to one of those sand piles.

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Ruth and Robert Cundiff with their three daughters, sons-in-law, and four beaming grand children


feltner21.jpg (266793 bytes)

The beginning of the Former Students
Association in 1989

Front: Verdon Higgins, Doris Higgins, Elma Reed,
and Ruth Cundiff
Rear: Seldon Short, Celia Davis, Mary Detwiler, Jerry Cox, Becky Higgins, Jonah Mitchell,   and Robert Cundiff

feltner39.jpg (315574 bytes)

Eldon and Agnes Neihof's Retirement Party


feltner28.jpg (173864 bytes)

Looking over Mt. Carmel Farm from KMBI



feltner23.jpg (167590 bytes)

Local men volunteering their work for the basement for
the Mt. Carmel administration building

feltner80.jpg (10689 bytes)

Bird's eye view of KMBI  in the 1940's and 50's

feltner19.jpg (233836 bytes)

Mt. Carmel Boys crushing rock
Now this is work!

Feltner pics 030.jpg (546367 bytes)

Dr. McConnell and Paul Major on the new bridge

feltner31.jpg (9044 bytes)

Forrest Cox driving on the low bridge under the
Gov. Martha Collins Bridge
Photo by Robert Cundiff

feltner27.jpg (157905 bytes)

Original  KMBI 1931-1939
feltner34.jpg (400028 bytes)

Mt. Carmel Administration Bldg. 1927

feltner78.jpg (7088 bytes)

Reed, Person, Swartwout, and Drake


Feltner pics 041.jpg (303337 bytes)

Old Adminstration Bldg,

feltner38.jpg (244953 bytes)

Horace P. Myers Family
Before 1939 Flood



feltner40.jpg (180193 bytes)

New KMBI in 1940

  Feltner pics 035.jpg (286403 bytes)



Mount Carmel Faculty
Front Row: Alice Spatz, Mary Swartwout, Lorene Clayton,  Elma Reed,  Genelle Day,  and Edith Mehl;   Second Row:  Roy and Pearl Ouderkirk, Glenn Graves, Helen Smith, Geleah Mollenkopt,  Alice and Joe Stuckey ;  Third Row:   Raymond and Mary Swauger,  Verdon Higins,  Paul Major,  Bessie and Karl Paulo.




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Mr. Swauger with his work crew in 1925


Feltner pics 042.jpg (170712 bytes)

A younger Mr. Swauger



feltner44.jpg (215227 bytes)

Mt. Carmel 1950 Suspension Bridge
All that there is left are rusty remains.

feltner46.jpg (118261 bytes)

A younger Verdon Higgins


feltner77.jpg (12714 bytes)

Miss McConnell receiving her LHD, Doctor of Humane Letters, from Asbury College

feltner81.jpg (16127 bytes)

WMTC Radio Personnel
L-R:  Seldon Short, Janet Short, Violet Person, Faith and Kenneth Amspaugh, Wilfred Fisher, and Louis Bouck

feltner43.jpg (111588 bytes)

Mt. Carmel High School Sign

feltner48.jpg (293750 bytes)
feltner48.jpg (293750 bytes)

Class Testament
Was originally one long  document. It had to be posted in two parts

feltner49.jpg (187835 bytes)

Miss McConnell on bicycle

feltner50.jpg (99591 bytes)

Standing with Miss McConnell on her Doctorate Day are Miss Archer on  the left and Miss Day on the right.

feltner51.jpg (273796 bytes)

Miss McConnell is finding out that getting water
from a  well is easier said than done

feltner52.jpg (91308 bytes)

Graduation Day

feltner54.jpg (277434 bytes)

Miss McConnell poses for a picture with
an unknown guest

feltner53.jpg (27904 bytes)

Miss McConnell  preaching to her vast
radio audience

feltner55.jpg (86478 bytes)

Sitting tall like a trooper on her horse, Beauty, with her trusty pump organ

feltner79.jpg (12709 bytes)

She loved hats

feltner58.jpg (157589 bytes)

Here she is relaxing in her home

feltner59.jpg (48693 bytes)






In between Mrs. Swauger and Miss McConnell is Elizabeth O'Conner, Founder of Oakdale Free Methodist School. She invited Miss McConnell, then at Asbury, to preach a revival at Oakdale. While visiting there, she  had a vision to build Mt. Carmel  Church and School. God works in mysterious ways.


Nineteen year-old Miss McConnell flanked by her college roommates

feltner63.jpg (121373 bytes)
feltner64.jpg (323194 bytes)

Miss Swartwout is being presented a bouquet of
flowers by Eldon Neihof and his son John

feltner65.jpg (17810 bytes)

Miss Swartwout driving around on the school's golf cart

feltner67.jpg (124619 bytes)

Miss Swartwout with a friend

feltner71.jpg (265899 bytes)

Mr. Swauger mediating by a stream

feltner73.jpg (309356 bytes)

Mr Swauger taking time out from his
construction work to visit with a guest

feltner68.jpg (175472 bytes)

Misses McConnell, Reed,  Person, Swartwout, and
(Perry Sister?)

feltner56.jpg (70301 bytes)

Miss McConnell driving a stake to mark the
beginning of Mt. Carmel

This was the beginning , but not the end. Mt. Carmel is still vibrant and carrying on with Miss Lela McConnell's dream.

It has been a real pleasure to have done this page.   To all of my schoolmates  and the faculty from 1945-1950, thank you for making a boy of the hills welcome among you. I will never forget you.

Royal Francis Feltner


feltner36.jpg (490019 bytes)


1963 Faculty

Front Row: Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Bird, Pearl and Roy Ouderkirk, Genelle Day, Lela McConnell, Mary and Raymond Swauger, Patsy Major, Doris and Paul Major
Second row: Clair and Dorthy Champion, Treva Leach, Sharon Teal, Doris and Verdon Higgins, Henrietta News, Edith Vanderwarker, Ida Crigger, Ladonna and Robert Barber,
Third Row: Jimmy and Helen Watkins, Elma Reed, Bessie Paulo, Agnes and Eldon Neihof, Patsy Woodring, Ava Smith, Elizabeth Davis, Ruth and Robert Cundiff

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