Photographs of Us in Germany

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Scenes of Altlay, Germany, where we lived from 1966-1969
Guesthouse, local inn.


276.jpg (43183 bytes)

Cherry Festival

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Mr. and Mrs. Schell, our landloards and dear friends


 284.jpg (41869 bytes)

Christmas Eve with the Schells, 1966

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Village of Altlay, looking down the valley towards the Mosel River

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The Village of Altlay, looking from a hill above our house


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The village of Altlay, picture taken from the Hohenstrauss, High Road


 283.jpg (53658 bytes)

The Schell's house. Our apartment was above with the picture window. We owned the 1956 Volkswagen.


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Mr. Schell with the Mosel River in the Background


 285.jpg (25299 bytes)

The Schells sharing a moment theTraben-Trabach Winery owner


 155.jpg (49396 bytes)

Royal with the mountain in the background, 1966


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 153.jpg (28940 bytes)

Ellen Reading the paper


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Looking down the valley towards the Mosel River


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Christmas, 1967


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Christmas with Joanne, Glenn, and daughter Bethany Wedin


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The Wedin's lanlady


165.jpg (37285 bytes)

Glenn and Bethany

 169.jpg (44030 bytes)

Wintertime in Altlay, our 1963 Fairlane station wagon


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 168.jpg (31147 bytes)

The Schells. our landloards


171.jpg (48471 bytes)

The children in the neighborhood


186.jpg (31137 bytes)

Three more little friends who were willing to pose for me

173.jpg (38075 bytes)

Village Square



174.jpg (33987 bytes)

Three Young Men at the Square

175.jpg (34467 bytes)

Our dog, Poncho, who was always looking out the window. When we met someonein the village who we did not know we didn't. We told wher I house was and that would instantly say "Oh, you are the ones who have the dog in the window."


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Doing a little fixing on the family auto

 181.jpg (45151 bytes)

Our 1957 Volkswagen van


192.jpg (25147 bytes)

Poncho did not like to be fenced in.

159.jpg (31253 bytes)

Rodney Campbell, my antigue business partner


160.jpg (41621 bytes)

Joanne. Glenn, and Bethany Wedin


 176.jpg (27974 bytes)

Ellen watching television


177.jpg (29118 bytes)

The fist clock that we bought in Germany, price was $7.00


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Hahn AFB Coin Club Show. Our club was very active and as its president, I suggested the show and it was very successful. We were very active coin dealers.


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183.jpg (36256 bytes)


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There was something about my feet that Poncho liked.

 190.jpg (28609 bytes)

He also like our bed


  189.jpg (25523 bytes)

A rain bow is one of God's signs that brings hope.

187.jpg (32250 bytes)

My fellow airmen who were pilot debriefers after each flight and was my crew.





In late summer, there are wine festivals in almost every village along the Mosel and Rhine Rivers. If one wanted to know who the people were, these were the places to visit and we did. The Mosel and Rhine wines are distinct varieties. The Moses wines are sweet, where as the Rhine has a sharpharp taste. We not only visited them, we participated.

There were castles sitting on top of the hill above each town or city and we  toured almost every one.

The village of Atlay was on the road from the High Road to the city of Zell on the  Mosel River which was about three miles away.

75.jpg (32618 bytes)

Harvest Festivals and Scenery along the Mosel River, Germany, 1966.
Black Cat Beer Keg, the beer of Zell on the Mosel. The following pictures are oo the festival.

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88.jpg (43437 bytes)

Ellen with our Landlords  Enjoying a Small Glass of Wine


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85.jpg (45117 bytes)

Ellen and our Landlords Enjoying a Slight Pause Along the Mosel River While Visiting the Wine Fest at Traben Trabach


 93.jpg (35107 bytes)

Scenes of Cochem, acroos the Mosel from Zell


 72.jpg (52772 bytes)

Cochem on the Other Side of the Mosel River


79.jpg (34268 bytes)

 73.jpg (39594 bytes)

Walking Towards the Footbridge That Crosses into Cochem

71.jpg (35725 bytes)

The footbridge


 100.jpg (24782 bytes)

The Schells along the Mosel River, Cochem
Redichberg Castle in the background


 102.jpg (35398 bytes)

The Tour Boats at Cochem

 104.jpg (48921 bytes)

Another Beerfest at Cochem


105.jpg (38342 bytes)

 101.jpg (29993 bytes)

Looking up at the Reichberg Castle at Cochem


107.jpg (24439 bytes)

Reichberg Castle, considered one of the most beautiful in Germany, built in year 1000


110.jpg (54615 bytes)

Entering the Gate

109.jpg (44738 bytes)

Castle Tower


108.jpg (33150 bytes)


 111.jpg (38165 bytes)

Looking Down at Cochem


  94.jpg (42794 bytes)

On our way to the Burg Eltz on the Mosel


113.jpg (46038 bytes)

Burg Eltz Castle is set back about three miles from the Mosel River and is in a very remote place

114.jpg (37136 bytes) It was not captured by the French forces in one of their invasions because it did not impose a threat to the French vessels that were using the Mosel River. It is one of the best preserved castles in Germany and is a short distance from Cochem.



115.jpg (28225 bytes)

Outside Walls


116.jpg (47219 bytes)

Ellen and Mrs. Ruff in Traben-Trabach on the Mosel
This little village is between Zell and Bernkastle and has some very good wines.

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118.jpg (37606 bytes)

Going in for a glass of wine


117.jpg (46084 bytes)

Charlie Ruff Joins Them


 119.jpg (50465 bytes)

Scenes of Bernkastle which is one of the larger cities on the Mosel from Koblenze to Trier



120.jpg (50109 bytes)




121.jpg (26738 bytes)

Bridge Across the Mosel River


122.jpg (46664 bytes)

Main Street


124.jpg (39485 bytes)

Bern Castle


125.jpg (40564 bytes)

Side Street

123.jpg (33339 bytes)

Street to the Bridge



Ellen with Her Favorite Coat

128.jpg (37290 bytes)

Watching a Street Performance

 126.jpg (44988 bytes)

Ellen doing a little sightseeing


130.jpg (34341 bytes)

Having a break with the Schells

 131.jpg (36226 bytes)

Beerfest and carnival


132.jpg (32852 bytes)


133.jpg (31264 bytes)

City Square




Before we left for Germany, one of our good friends came by and as a going away present, he gave Ellen  turquoise stone. She wanted to have it mounted on a gold backing. Idar-Oberstein is considered the gem capital of Gemany and is located an hour's drive from Atlay. This another city with a wonder of the world, a church built within a rock.


 135.jpg (39836 bytes)

The Heimat Museum In Idar-Oberstein


 137.jpg (33655 bytes)

Inside the museum


 136.jpg (43600 bytes)

Schloss Oberstein

 139.jpg (52350 bytes)

The Church built in a rock by a man who killed his brother and to make amends he built this church.


 138.jpg (42276 bytes)

Looking down at Idar-Oberstein



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