Photographs of our visits in Europe


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Fountain, Lucerne Switzerland


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Lucerne Switzerland


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Lucerne, Switzerland
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Lucerne, Switzerland



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Lake Lucerne


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Doentown Lucern


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Downtown Lucerne

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Downtown Lucerne


 219.jpg (48430 bytes)

City Square, Lucerne




We decided to tour the country side and visit the land of William Tell. We stpped for our lunch, that we had brought with us. It constited of potted meat spreaded on hard rolls. We could hear the tinkling of the cow bells in the pasture. The liftig of the fog over th Alps was a beautiful thing to watch.


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Countryside outside of Lucerne

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Fog rising above the Alps, Lucerne


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Ferry on Lake Lucerne


216.jpg (35008 bytes)

Another View of the Lake


 217.jpg (43240 bytes)

Looking down at the lake


When we toured Southern Germany and Switzerland, one of our favorite places to stop overnight was Baden-Baden, Germany. Baden in German means baths. Whether it is true or not, but it is said that when the king was asked what to call the city, he stuttered


"Baden-Baden" and so the name. It is famous for its casino and this where the royalty of Europe come for their so called baths, but spend more time gambling than bathing. I waned to go inside and If I were thrown out, I could always brag that I was thrown out of the best casino in all of Europe.


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Our Hotel in Baden-Baden


147.jpg (46046 bytes)

Here I am at Baden-Baden, Germany in1967


151.jpg (44336 bytes)

..Front Entrance


150.jpg (20725 bytes)

These pictures show the size of the casino

148.jpg (34194 bytes)

The Right Side of The Casino



July fourth, 1967, Ellen wanted to buy a baptising dress for one of her nephews and the best place to but a great quality one was in Luxemburg, Luxemburg. Altlay was at the midway point from Koblenze and Luxemburg. The highway is called Hoen Strasse meaning High Road. It was built by Hitler as a means to invade Belgium. Luxemburg is where General Patton is buried and every Fourth of July. The people of the city celebrates what the U. S. means to them. It has the largest military cemetery in Europe.We decided to visit the cemetery and was surprised to find this ceremony.

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Memorial Stone for the Fallen Heroies


221.jpg (25805 bytes)

Visitors Lisiting to the Opening Statements by Various Dignitaries, Including Our Ambassador.


222.jpg (44251 bytes)

Our Ambassador on the Left with two of Luxemburg's Counterparts


223.jpg (55446 bytes)

Steps Leading to General Patton's Site

224.jpg (37578 bytes)

Reviewing the Honor Guards


226.jpg (44351 bytes)

We took time to tour the city and were amazed at the beauty at its beauty



227.jpg (32004 bytes)

Views of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


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Main Street from Trier



City Square


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High Road from Trier Toward Luxenburg

231.jpg (41990 bytes)

Roman Catholic Church

Service Clubs at the military bases are great places for service member and their families. At my base, one of the things that they had were tours. They had one-day to seven-day tours. They included bus fare, sight seeing and two meals a day and the cost was $50-75. In 1968, we went to Paris France via Luxemburg for five days. During our free time between scheduled sight-seeing tours, we were able to do a lot of sight-seeing on our own.
233.jpg (47371 bytes)

Paris, France, 1968


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Park with Government Building in Background

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Posing at the Eiffel Tower


wpe3F.jpg (31786 bytes)

Ellen at the tower


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Eiffel Tower

238.jpg (45196 bytes)

Layafette Statue


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Triuphant Arch

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Napoleon's Tomb


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Napoleon's Casket

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Notre Dame Cathredal


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Inside the Cathredal

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The Rose Window



249.jpg (96037 bytes)

Another Window


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The Hallway


251.jpg (59731 bytes)

The Altar




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The Louvre
No Picture Taking Inside

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Lafayette's Tomb


256.jpg (45448 bytes)

Parisian Policeman

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Turtle Square


258.jpg (32967 bytes)


Also, in 1968, the Catholic church at our base sponsored a tour to Rome, Italy.
It included overnight train fair, five days in Rome, hotel with two meals a day, two sight-seeing

263.jpg (19990 bytes)

Julius Ceasar


  tours per day for four days with one day free time. The cost was $75 per person. On our free day, Ellen and I went to the Island of Capri. Our cost was $20.

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Moses Statue in the Vatican Church


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Two Policemen


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The Catacombes

267.jpg (21647 bytes)

The Tower Near the Pantheon





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The Archbassilica of St. John Latern


270.jpg (39187 bytes)
271.jpg (31225 bytes)

The Pantheon


272.jpg (19876 bytes)

Julius Ceaser Monument

273.jpg (33104 bytes)

The Ampitheater


274.jpg (21600 bytes)The Collisium in the Background
500.jpg (54487 bytes)

The Roman Arch


498.jpg (62088 bytes)

The Collisium

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The Trevi Fountain


512.jpg (65073 bytes)



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Ellen Waiting for the Capri Ferry in Naples


10.jpg (39870 bytes)

Leaving Naples


514.jpg (59053 bytes)

Approaching the Isle of Capri

Our tour was cut short for the sea was begining to be very turbulent. The ferry ride back was harrowing to say the least.



Our Taxi to the city of Capri



Our next tour was in Amesterdam with our dear friends Sergeant and Mrs. Ruff. It was for three days and a side trip to Edam, the makers of the famous Edam Cheeses.

26.jpg (41431 bytes)

Charles and Mrs. Ruff and I in Amesterdam, Holland 1969


28.jpg (36921 bytes)

On Board the sight seeing canal boat


27.jpg (33532 bytes)

Along the Main Canal

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Anne Frank's House

30.jpg (46539 bytes)

The narrow little building behind the front car is only twelve feet wide
and four floors high and is considered the smallest house in Holland.


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Passing by another canal boat


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Approaching the harbor

wpe6.jpg (21349 bytes)

Some parked barges

wpe7.jpg (30876 bytes)

Harbor Scenes


42.jpg (41900 bytes) 41.jpg (48990 bytes)

On the Way Back


43.jpg (41320 bytes)


44.jpg (42223 bytes)

Canal Tour Debarking


45.jpg (43847 bytes)

The Same with Mrs. Ruff


47.jpg (48898 bytes)

While waiting for the bus to take us to Edam, a parade just happened to be marching by'

51.jpg (33472 bytes)

The little village of Edam where the villagers still wear the early traditional clothes and an international reputation for cheeses


52.jpg (43064 bytes)

Three villager are waiting for our arrival

53.jpg (44823 bytes)

They were very friendly and willing to pose.


50.jpg (48810 bytes)

Entering the cheese factory

54.jpg (42921 bytes)

Two Villagers who were very wiling to pose.


55.jpg (59603 bytes)

Ellen and I with two new friends



58.jpg (26268 bytes)

A demonstration of cheese making


56.jpg (40603 bytes)

Three happy tourist who enjoyed this trip to this tiny world renown village


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