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Romantic Road

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In 1968, Ellen's sister, Doris, who was a nurse in Saudia Arabia, was going back to the US for a thirty day vaxation inJ une and she was planning to stop by our house for a few days. She arrived on June.5th. We planned a trip to Vienna, Austria, going by the Romantic Road. WE started on the 7th. Robert Kennedy was killed the night of the 6th. The trip started out on a sad note. We were going on the autobahn to Wurttenburg an exit to the Romantic Road. The road is one of the oldest in Germany and was the main road from north to south and is dotted with walled cities and many castles. But our main attraction that we wanted to visit was Neuschwanstein Castle.

Just as we got on the road, my car started overheating, but we were able to make it to a Shell garage. The garage owner looked it over and told me that my water regulator had a hole in it and he did not have another one. He said that he would try to repair it. There was another gentleman there who looked as if he had crawled out of a dump. He came over to us and started talking in perfect English. He told us that he had been a translator for the US Army in Austria after the war. His business now was coming to Germany and purchasing cars for his Austrian customers.The owner was able to fix the regulator and only charged me five dollars. The Ausrian gentlemen volunteered to lead us to the place that he stayed in while traveling through. It was the main hotel in the city. The owner was a German who worked in Detroit during the war and came back to Germany to buy the hotel. He also spoke perfect English. The next morning we were on our way.

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Momument Square, Rothenburg


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Ellen and Dorris Window Shopping

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City Square


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The white byulding  had an entrance to the walk way at the top of the steeple.
I took advantage of its view and took several several pictures.


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Market Square

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Another View from the top of the Streeple



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Gateway from the city


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Dorris and Ellen looking for me


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She spotted me at the top of the steeple and screamed "Come down from there, you fool"


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Martin Luther with two children



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Our Destination is in sight

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The Old Swanstein Castle


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Getting Closer


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There it is!


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The turret


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The bridge over the gorge from the rear of the castle

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We chose to walk up

Next are the scenes from inside of the castle



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The Church in the Meadow on our way to Garmish and to Austria


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